What We Do

What We Do

mobileUbiquity provides an end to end Enterprise Mobility Service Offering. Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Device Procurement
  • Mobile IT Management
  • Mobile Integration Services
  • Mobile Application Innovation

mobileUbiquity focuses on 3 distinct business profiles when it comes to mobility and the provision of our mobility solutions and services, namely:

Small to Medium Business (SMB)
This business profile consists of the 1 – 25 user-base with little to no infrastructure; no mobile posture; but with a strong desire to be innovative in their businesses. A key restriction of this business profile is the lack of huge capital outlay.

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)
This business profile consists of the 25 – 150 user-base with a reasonable technology framework; a desire to transition to mobility and a need to innovate and manage their business.

This business profile consists of the 150+ user-base with considerable technology platforms in place; complex and diverse processes executed and a desire to develop a mobility strategy as a core business requirement.

mobileUbiquity offers you the consulting, solutions and services required in order to transition you through the phases of mobility and allows you to embrace the true power that this technology can bring to your organisation.


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