mobileUbiquity formsBox (Product Review)

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012

mobileUbiquity formsBox (Product Review)

formsBox is a multi-faceted tool, providing real-time data that empowers businesses across the globe to drive process efficiencies and improve employee and customer engagement. Invoices, orders, timesheets, on-site inspections, proof of delivery, surveys – the list is endless and all can now be replaced. Furthermore, formsBox gives the user the flexibility of making forms individual and bespoke to their multiple needs – and requires no technical expertise to do this.

  • Market standout: formsBox offers arguably the fastest, most technologically advanced paper-free, data-capture application available in the world today. With our unique drag and drop functionality you can build tailored, business relevant forms in seconds. In addition, there is no need for an internet connection whilst using the App to complete a form thanks to ‘store and forward’ technology.
  • API Integration Our APIs will enable users to choose how to share data and information between formsBox and third party systems such as CRM and back-office systems. Using our API is a straightforward process. The result is a super-powerful, time-saving solution for collecting and analyzing data collected in the field, in a system that is familiar to them, which means greater efficiency and reduced business cost.
  • Peace of mind security and hosting We offer a robust data security infrastructure however should users wish to host their data on-site, we offer the only on-premise mobile data capture solution in the market, ‘Forms In a Box’.
  • Unique flexibility: Pricing and Platform formsBox has unique flexible payment terms from pre pay to fixed ‘all you can eat’ license models that can be purchased online 24/7, 365 days a year and runs on all five major mobile platforms including iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. In addition, a version running on Windows (desktop and server versions), Macintosh OSX and Linux is also now available.
  • No hefty upfront charges This revolutionary, disruptive technology requires no licenses, software development, IT training or specific hardware investment. It is a unique switch-on, pre pay service that can be up and operational within minutes.
  • Return on Investment formsBox saves money, leads to higher productivity by dramatically lowering the cost of end-to-end operational activities and provides a transparent impact on key business metrics.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility By driving efficiency through streamlining business processes and improving performance, formsBox is a green technology in tune with the ever-increasing global phenomenon of remote and mobile working whilst reducing their business impact on the environment by cutting paper consumption, energy usage and waste.


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