How You Benefit

How You Benefit


  • Long term Mobile Strategy
  • True ROI realized
  • Defined roadmap
  • Avoid unnecessary cost
  • Alignment of mobility requirements to specific business needs
  • Ensuring that only those areas that make sense are mobilized
  • Developed frameworks (MDM, Integration, AppDev, Innovation)

Device Management

  • Cost savings through new insight on mobile usage
  • Re-use of existing service processes (PC/Desktop)
  • Flexibility across OS/Apps/Device
  • Caters for Bring Your Own Device / Company Owned
  • Security, Data and applications are managed
  • Complexity is removed

Mobile Integration

  • Legacy Systems and ERP systems
  • Existing Business Processes and Data
  • Protect current investments
  • Build your Ecosystem

Mobile AppDev

  • Immediate response to real-time workflow processes
  • Innovation of new business processes
  • Single view enablers
  • New Channels to existing systems
  • Enhanced User Experience (e.g. Gestures, Geo-location, etc.)
  • Create additional revenue stream
  • Consumer alignment
  • Allow customers to dynamically interact with your business

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