Mobile IT Realized

Mobile IT Realized

How do you enable app and BYOD initiatives while protecting your corporate data and personal privacy? IT Managers these days do not only need to support a multi-OS environment but also need to ensure scalability to company-wide global deployments.

The largest companies in the world trust MobileIron as their foundation for Mobile IT. Available as a highly-scalable on-premise or cloud solution, MobileIron was purpose-built to secure and manage mobile apps, docs, and devices. Mobile is how people work in the post-PC era, but mobile introduces risk, cost, and usability challenges that traditional IT strategies cannot address.


MobileIron enables people to get their work done by:

  • Protecting data
  • Mobilizing apps and docs
  • Preserving user experience and privacy
  • Supporting a constantly shifting mobile OS and device landscape
  • Deploying at massive scale to end users across a global organization

This is Mobile IT, which expands the definitions of both mobile device management (MDM) and mobile app management (MAM). Mobile IT requires new strategies, skills, and platforms because it is user-led, cross-functional, and operates at consumer speed. MobileIron’s mission is to provide the most trusted on-premise and cloud platform for Mobile IT, dedicated to innovation and customer success.

The MobileIron architecture has three main components:

  1. End-user services to secure and manage email, apps, docs, and web. These services are directly accessed by end users from their devices. MobileIron provides delivery, configuration, and data-at-rest protection.
  2. Intelligent gateway to secure and manage access to the enterprise. This gateway securely tunnels traffic from the end-user services to back-end enterprise resources like Exchange, app and web servers, and SharePoint. This gateway is called MobileIron Sentry and it protects data-in-motion.
  3. Policy and configuration engine to ensure mobile apps, docs, and devices can be managed end-to-end at global scale. The engine is called the MobileIron VSP for on-premise deployments and the MobileIron Connected Cloud for cloud deployments.

Complete App Management
MobileIron provides management across the app lifecycle:

  • Secure delivery of apps through the Apps@Work private app storefront
  • Selective wipe of apps data on the device
  • Blacklist/whitelist of apps to protect against inappropriate access or use
  • Scalable app downloads through the App Delivery Network (AppDN)
  • Containerization and dynamic policy through AppConnect*
  • Secure tunneling through AppTunnel*

Complete Security
MobileIron provides security across the data lifecycle while preserving privacy:

  • Data loss prevention for email through Sentry and Docs@Work
  • Two-phase authentication and access control for email through Sentry
  • Selective wipe for business data with privacy protection for personal data
  • End-to-end certificate management from enrollment through renewal
  • Secure sign-in and personalized configuration for multi-user shared devices
  • Risk-based monitoring of OS integrity and other device posture parameters
  • Closed-loop automation with triggered remediation actions for compliance
  • Secure access to SharePoint through Docs@Work
  • Enforcement of password, encryption, security policies, and configurations
  • Audited SOC 2 operational security for Connected Cloud service

Complete Integration
MobileIron provides deep integration with existing IT infrastructure:

  • Central console for old (BlackBerry) and new (Android, iOS, WP) mobile OS
  • Tight integration with AD/LDAP groups, OUs, and attributes
  • Monitoring of international roaming for telecom expense management
  • Enrollment in certificate authorities from Entrust, Microsoft, and Verisign
  • Workflow integration through rich web services API and Assemble toolkit
  • Scalable self-service enrollment through BYOD Portal






Employing a BYOD policy or needing to manage devices in your organisation? Contact and we’ll get our sales team to assist you.


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