Coolness Index

Coolness Index

In order to assist you in determining what stage you are at from a mobility perspective, mobileUbiquity have put together a quick, simple coolness index(11 questions) that, once answered will create a high level roadmap of where you are and what you need to do in order to maximize your return on your investment from a mobility perspective.

Just by answering a few simple questions about your organisation, we’ll be able to immediately give you a high level overview of you are on the Enterprise Mobility Ladder as well as some simple actions you can take to move you up the ladder.

What’s the Enterprise Mobility Ladder? It’s a simple 5 step measurement guide to give you a snapshot of how your organisation is embracing mobility. The 5 steps on the Ladder are as follows:

1. Unmobile: No application of any mobile technology and zero alignment to any IT process. Mobility is ignored

2. Ad-Hoc mobility: Mobility technology is partially deployed to enable IT processes on a limited exploratory basis.

3. Integrated mobility: Most of IT processes are undergoing some form of mobility enhancement with a particular attention to interface points between IT processes.

4. Optimising mobility: Mobile technology has been fully integrated into the IT process, such that individual workflows are approaching an optimal, friction-less state.

5. Ubiquitous mobility: Mobility is so deeply entrenched within your IT processes that the organisation modifies processes to reflect new functionality that leverages the expanding  mobility-aware operating paradigm.

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