More and more companies are realizing the need to reduce the use of paper within the work environment. Besides the cost and inefficiencies associated with paper use, there is also the environmental impact that needs to be considered. For each sheet of paper used, a company incurs not only purchasing costs, but also storage, copying, printing, postage, disposal, and recycling—and it adds up in the end

What a lot of organisations DON’T realise is that very often, it’s the simple issues that have the biggest impact. Gartner research into the use of paper has shown some startling statistics that most organisations do not even realize:

  • 83% of all paper based business documents are forms
  • 3% of paper based documents are usually filed incorrectly
  • 8% of all paper based documents are eventually lost
  • Organisations can spend between R325,596 to RR520,995 on filing cabinets and floor space to accommodate paper based documents.

With the production, printing, deployment and storage of paper-based executive boardpacks for meetings, total costs are not often realised. We’ve managed to highlight the average saving that could be achieved if an organisation deployed a digital boardpack solution instead:


Introducing our innovative boardPad application

Once loaded onto the devices, the solution will allow all the meeting participants to view, edit, make notes, highlight and track changes on the electronic board pack in an environment friendly paperless way. mobileUbiquity’s boardPack solution has the following features:

    • Make your iPad a meeting collaboration tool.
    • Permission based access
    • Subscribe to multiple business units/company boards
    • Circulate agendas to meeting attendees.
    • View meeting attendees and contact information
    • Annotate and make notes to associated documents
    • Circulation of minutes from previous meetings.
    • Create and publish resolutions and actions
    • Real time notifications
    • View offline in cached mode
    • Access past meeting notes and minutes
    • All actions fully auditable

Customization and Integration forms a differentiating factor of our solution. Not only are we able to immediately digitize and optimize your paper-bound environment, but we are also able to customize aspects of our app to suit your specific organisations needs and Integrate into already existing Content Management Systems and Exchange environments where necessary.


boardPad Functional Overview


Interested in our boardPad solution? Email for more details.


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