boardPad Functional Overview

1.1.   Customizable Splash Screen

Our team of specialized designers and developers will ensure that your company brand is properly showcased throughout the app and your CI aspects adhered to.


1.2.   Login Screen

We will also customize the login screen with your company logo and branding.


1.3.   Company/Business Unit Selection

boardPad allows users to belong to more than one business unit or company based on the user permissions, where each selection acts as a container of its own meeting events in that area/business.


1.4.   Event Viewer

All meeting events are neatly displayed and easily accessible for the end user. Not only is boardPad a meeting application but it has a built in calendaring function with push reminders on upcoming events.


1.5.   Past Event Viewer

 All past meeting events are retained and audited allowing the user has the ability to review past events, minutes, notes, etc. at the push of a button.


1.6.   Board Member Viewer

As an added extra, users are able to retrieve contact information of board members as and when needed. In future, we plan to have this facilitate online presence and collaboration between board members through integration into Microsoft lync and SharePoint.



1.7.   Executive Management Viewer

Users are able to retrieve contact information of Executive members as well. In future, we plan to have this facilitate online presence and collaboration between board members through the app.


1.8.   Calendar Event Viewer

From the Calendaring function, users can immediately review invitees for the meeting, the location of the meeting and have the ability to accept/reject an event through the app.


1.9.   Calendar Event Details

Once a user accepts an event, all reports, and associated documents become available to the end user.


1.10.   Meeting Agenda View

 All events have Agendas, Reports, Actions and Minutes (after an event) available to the end user

1.11.  Document Editor

One of the best features of our boardPad application is the ability to makes notes, highlight text, underline text, insert hyperlinks, create bookmarks within a document, insert images and make annotations to the document.These notes and comments can remain for the users viewing only or published for all to see.



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