Go Paperless. Save Costs

mobilize existing systems

formsbox is the market-leading data capture solution that enables any business, regardless of size or focus, to go completely paperless by capturing your data via almost any mobile device and then integrating that data into your existing back-office systems providing you with instant cost saving and business effeciency

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Need a smartphone or tablet?

we supply all major phones and tablets

At mobileUbiquity, we live by the ethos of being device agnostic in our delivery of our solutions and services to you. We have therefore partnered up with key mobile device suppliers within the industry, in order to ensure that your specific device requirements are met and suitable for your environment.

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Mobile Innovation

New ways to mobilize your workforce

Ever heard that saying “If only I had an app for that…” With mobileUbiquity, this can now be realised. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the area of mobile AppDev, we will be able to advise you, assist you and together, find innovative new ways to address your business needs.

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Need a Mobile Strategy?

Bought ourselves iPads...but now what???

Mobility can only be truly effective with a solid strategy and a decisive road map. Through the utilisation of a blend of traditional and mobilised technologies, your strategy can be adapted to a point where mobile computing drives your businesses needs and allows for true cost savings and efficiency.

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Mobile IT Realized

Manage your devices, apps and content

How do you enable app and BYOD initiatives while protecting your corporate data and personal privacy? IT Managers these days do not only need to support a multi-OS environment but also need to ensure scalability to company-wide global deployments.

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Who We Are

mobileUbiquity is a diverse turnkey mobile solutions and services company catering for all your small , medium and large Enterprise Mobility needs, allowing you to embrace the power of mobile.

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What We Do

Our services include, but are not limited to:
*Strategy Consulting
*Device Procurement
*Mobile IT Management
*Mobile Integration Services
*Mobile Application Innovation

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How You Benefit

What business value can be realized by you:
*Business Growth
*Risk Management
*Cost Optimisation
*System Innovation
*Process Automation

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After having worked closely with the team from mobileUbiquity around putting the finishing touches to our Group innovation strategy, I can attest to their exemplary professionalism, in-depth knowledge of innovation and their valuable insight into the key levers to pull in order to ensure acute organisational awareness of this critical element of our business. Working closely with mobileUbiquity on ensuring that our innovation portal was adopted throughout our diverse range of companies likewise proved to be very successful.

Geraint Crwys-Williams: Group Commercial & Legal Executive


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